The mission of MAT+SAR K9 is to provide and promote search and rescue dogs and handlers as a local resource
to the Alaska State Troopers, local law enforcement and the community to assist in the event of an emergency, and
to advocate public safety. Dog teams are trained in the following disciplines and are on call 24/7 to help those in

Search Disciplines:

  • Trailing
  • Area Search
  • Land Cadaver
  • Water and Avalanche
  • Evidence

Our teams can help locate:

  • Missing persons in wilderness and urban settings
  • Alzheimer patient who has wandered away
  • A missing child
  • An overdue hiker
  • Drowining victims
  • Victims of fire or natural disasters
  • Victims of an avalanche
  • Location of deceased victims in urban and wilderness environments
  • Location of articles of evidence at a crime scene



The MAT+SAR K9 Team Objectives are to:

  • Develop and train professional canine handlers trained in multiple search disciplines.
  • Develop Dog Teams who meet and exceed local and national certification standards
  • Develop and present training programs in specialty search areas
  • Train all handlers in search procedures